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A while back I posted about the idea of still being able to use GV ... Apple iPhone forum

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    A while back I posted about the idea of still being able to use GV on a iP that has not been Jailbroken using Black Swan.
    Today (a few minutes ago) I finally received some good news. They have released their Beta version and it's running great.

    From their web site:
    VoiceCentral Black Swan is a blend of the latest technologies that allow us to re-release our popular VoiceCentral application

    How does VoiceCentral Black Swan work?

    VoiceCentral Black Swan utilizes HTML5, JavaScript, a client-side database, and a middleware layer powered by Google App Engine. The application communicates primarily with Google Voice through Riverturn's Google Voice middleware. Communication is encrypted with SSL from the iPhone to Google Voice and everywhere in between. When you use the application, it instructs the middleware to fetch your information from Google Voice and stores it in the local database on your iPhone.

    Additional Information

    For now all those who were left out in the Apple Rain can continue to mill about smartly using GV via Black Swan

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