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I'm sure there aren't but wanted to check with the experts -... Apple iPhone forum

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    are there any long-tern negatives to jailbreaking?


    I'm sure there aren't but wanted to check with the experts -

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    Long Term?
    Push may not work
    Higher maintenance, with every Apple update you will have to re Jailbreak
    No 3G on TMO
    Springboard likes to crash even tho it's no a big deal. It seems to become more stable with each update.

    I'm sure I forgot something but others can fill in the gaps.

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    Biggest issue is having to rejailbreak with every update, and then getting everything back to normal once you update and jailbreak again.

    There's always of course the slight possibility that you'll completely botch your phone and have to restore the phone to get it to work again, but that's not common and your phone still works fine you just have to resync and everything again.

    I can't think of anything that causes permanent issues. Jailbreaking in itself doesn't do anything special to the phone that the iphone doesn't already do... it just allows extra apps to be used that apple hasn't approved. You take a risk with these apps that they just don't work, but the popular ones (winterboard, cydia, etc...) work fine and are popular for a reason.

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    Jailbreaking or unlocking allows you to install 3rd party apps not available otherwise. The best part is that the process is non destructive, meaning you can always go back to the original state (locked).

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