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Apple has obtained the rights to offer ready-made ringtones for the iPhone and managers are ... Apple iPhone forum

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    Apple to offer ready-made ringtones


    Apple has obtained the rights to offer ready-made ringtones for the iPhone and managers are trying to have them available in time for next week's press conference, music industry sources told CNET News.
    Owners of Apple's iPhone have long had the ability to create custom-made ringtones for their devices. The new music snippets are mainly a convenience, as they make it possible for iPhone owners to obtain a pre-cut ringtone instead of having to create their own.
    Apple will announce the ringtones on September 9, the day the company has scheduled a press event, if managers can get them ready in time to sell, the sources said. An Apple spokesman declined to comment.
    At the event, Apple is expected to roll out a new digital album cover codenamed Cocktail. There are also persistent rumors that upgraded iPods will also debut. That Apple has scheduled the event for a Wednesday, instead of the company's preference to make announcements on Tuesdays, there is speculation that there could finally be an announcement that a Beatles catalog is coming to iTunes. September 9 is also the day the Beatles' remastered digital albums and Rock Band video game will be released.
    As for ringtones, they have been a boon to the music industry. In the past, consumers have shown a willingness to pay as much as $3 to hear a few seconds of a favorite song when receiving an incoming call.

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    $3 for a ringtone? Pssh. I use this.

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