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Once again, I have to say thank you to all of you who have provided ... Apple iPhone forum

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    Apple I-Phone 3G-32S & Mobile ME


    Once again, I have to say thank you to all of you who have provided me with valuable help and information regarding the I-Phone queries made-!

    Im running a PC Windows Vista Ultimate 32bit, I went to the Apple Mobile Me site and it stated a choice of the Apple or Firefox Browser, does that mean that Internet Explorer will Not Work?

    Has anyone done a side by side, blow for blow comparison for instance Blackberry Bold9000 vs Iphone 32-3G-S? Feature to Feature?

    This gets confusing after a while, and more so, if one works much better on the same cell network your using what good is it to have all these nice things when the Cell Carrier refuses to do things to make all the bells and whistles work right because their interested in something else?

    I have a mixed group of Yuppie Friends, I-Phones and BB Bold 9000 types. Im not hearing complaints about the new Apple S Iphone, however Im hearing lots of complaints about the BB Bold9000- Track Ball freezing, exceptions, Fatal this, fatal that-

    The other day, I tried calling my AT&T Rep, We both were in a area that showed Max 3g signal, it took 6 phone calls to communicate a simple problem- Static ridden, poor quality communications on America's Fastest and most reliable network! He couldnt hear me and I couldnt hear him. Failed calls galore, dropped calls, emails and SMS messages dissapearing, track ball quitting until you do 4 battery pulls, thats what we have on our Blackberrys, by the way, my son has a 8310, I have a bold and my daughter a Tilt- they all are presenting big problems-

    Any ideas out there-

    Thank You-

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    IE works fine with MobileMe it just needs to be the latest release in order to get the full features of the site.

    I had the Bold along with the 3G for several months. I did several comparisons with different features and it's difficult to even compare the two. They are so different in how they do things. It really comes down to how you like to navigate and which phone has the most features you need. AT&T equally sucks on both phones. There is nothing you can do about the Network.

    You can have a Ford and a Ferrari next to each other and without Gas they are not worth much.

    There are several reason I keep the iPhone and gave up on the BB. One was how they sync or the lack of syncing with the BB. Essentially my BB was stand alone and I had to double enter everything on my BB because there was no easy way to keep all my Macs syncd with the same information. What a pain! With the iPhone anytime I make one change to either the phone or a computer it's also made on all other devies without me doing anything. That is priceless................

    I think the build quailty of both a pretty good but the iPhone feels better in my hand because of the shape. The Bold seems to be a little wide and short (pancake). I also became fond of the screen size of the iPhone and once you use a larger screen for any amount of time it's hard to go back to a smaller screen. Just pick up any Pearl and ask youself if you could be happy? I loved the Pearl when I had it and it's also a very good phone but after using the Bold for awhile and then picking up the Pearl again I asked myself? What was I thinking? I guess that's referred to "personal evolution" We get used to things and if we like them it's hard to change.

    The iPhone UI is second to none (people will argue that) but it has so much further to go and there does not seem to be limits. The BB UI is the same as it was years ago when the first Pearl was introduced. The UI is old and has no where to go. Changing icons does not count as a new UI. RIM is to focused on releasing new Models phones and seem to be content with the OS and it's appearance.

    The iPhone's use of a screen it amazing and it delivers to the user a full featured rich environment that is hard to beat. Give an iPhone to any senior citizen and they can use it, give an iPhone to any kid and they can use it. The same can't be said for a BB.

    You really can't compare per-say the two phones. You must first narrow down what features you must have in a phone. More importantly find the carrier that has the best service in your area. AT&T may be great for one area but non exsistant in another.

    Even tho I feel AT&T needs to be fired I go with them because the phone I really want is tied to their network. It's give and take because there is no perfect serivce and no perfect phone.
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