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So surprised!! I found a bright red iphone4 when I was shopping in a grear ... Apple iPhone forum

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    A surprise. I saw a bright red iphone4.


    So surprised!! I found a bright red iphone4 when I was shopping in a grear mall. It is so amazing.But as I know, iphone4 are all black. I want it so much, for I think it is suitable for my sisiter. I want to buy one for her.
    However, I know that there is not any red iphone4 in fact, it is just a red protective cover for iphone4. What’s more surprising is that the colors of the covers vary. Bright yellow, bright green, silver white and ……
    I have done so much work to find it. I find the covers for iphone4 in miniinthebox are cheapest. But they are chinese products. Did anyone buy anything on the web? How about the qulity of the products?
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    Good find, great price. But, at that price and by the looks of the cover, they seem to be no more than 1/16" thick. Pretty, yes; protective, no. I guess they will sell because of the colors offered, but I would think twice about putting one on mine.
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    ^^^ a second thought ? Geez, not even one!

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