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Originally Posted by RogerG Frustrating, I'm sure. Hope you get it all resolved. Thanks for ... Apple iPhone forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by RogerG View Post
    Frustrating, I'm sure. Hope you get it all resolved.
    Thanks for the wishes

    Quote Originally Posted by BHP77 View Post
    Call Apple. Why are you dragging this out with a carrier or retailer that's unwilling to help you???
    There's no Apple store over here and their website is not accepting support incidents for this country, they will only redirect you to the carrier's website.

    Quote Originally Posted by raton View Post
    By the time you decide to go and ask Apple it'll be too late and your device will no longer be under warranty and of course leaving you S.O.L.
    Do you have any idea how to reach Apple in a country that has no single Apple store, they have only one premium reseller over here which I contacted but they are not selling or supporting iPhones, only iPad, iPod & Macs.

    Anyway, Here's the update:
    Today I received a call from my wife while I was 2 minutes away from the same outlet, I immediately headed to it.
    Just a few seconds before I enter the noise was like hell.
    A few seconds after I entered, it was working fine
    I began to think of leaving the outlet and missing the chance to be embarrassed specially with my wife at the other end laughing at me
    Suddenly, the noise appeared again, I rushed to the nearest CSR and interrupted here while being with another customer
    I told her, can you take this call please ? she was surprised but who cares, she took the phone while I was apologizing to the lady being served, a few seconds and she gave to me & told me, what's the problem ?????
    Me to CSR: Didn't you hear any noise during the call ??
    CSR: No.
    Me to my wife: STOP LAUGHING ...........fzzzzz ffzzzzz fzzzz ( noise )
    I through the phone to the CSR again and guess what ??????????????

    She was able to hear the noise this time.......even better, she noticed that during & after this noise the other party can't hear me .

    I sat down for a while until she finished with the original customer and then she called for me, processed the necessary routine work, and called for the store to check for the availability of another one.

    Then, she told me that it's out of stock, only the 32GB will be available within tow days & 16GB will be available within one week.

    I gave her my contact numbers and name & she promised to call as soon as it becomes available.

    I hope that this will be it, and it's not another bluff or something.


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    I hope this solves your issue. If its at all possible you should get apple care online. If you have an issue you will have to send it in, but at least it will get fixed.

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    Finally, I got a new one

    Thank u for your replies and suggestions.

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