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Originally Posted by rbn85 Thanx!!! Usually I use my hotmail accounts on my Berry... Is ... Apple iPhone forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by rbn85 View Post
    Thanx!!! Usually I use my hotmail accounts on my Berry... Is it too hard to set those up?.
    ~via smartphone
    Log in to Hotmail on your computer and go to option/preference to make sure you have POP and or IMAP enabled. It should work just fine on the iPhone.

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    I have used many different phones including the 3g and fuze/touch-pro, I always come back to my trusty BB. You will always find different problem in all phones.
    BB has the best support forums that Apple could never compare to. I loved the apple for a week and got tired of it real quick more of a cellular ipod.
    Once you go BlackBerry you never go back!

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    No Way
    smis comment, above, sum it up for me. I have done the Apple thing twice but will NEVER get used to the lack of a real keyboard. I know others can and have to admit that I really still want a iPhone but I depend on my Blackberry for business and need to be able to handle 60+ emails a day and the Bold does it ever so nicely.

    Only the Onyx will get me away from my Bold and even that remains to be seen.

    My Bold is not great for entertainment, I don't expect it to be!
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    Please explain. My only issue with the I-Phone is the lack of a real Keyboard, But this is interesting-

    I was given a Apple I-Phone 3G/S32 for a couple days.... I went to almost everyplace that Ive had difficulties with the Cell portion or Data portion of the Phone- In each instance the I-Phone connected and gave crystal clear communications both Voice and Data- Im on AT&T- "How can that be"

    "Money Doesnt grow on a tree" AT&T is not exactly the easiest to convince to change a phone mid-contract- and this is not just one phone but 3! My Daughter has a Tilt- She is experiencing similar "Data Problems" but not voice problems, My son has a 8310 and is experiencing almost the identicle Voice problems I have with the Bold- Constant Call Failed, Droppped Calls and disconnects unexplained.

    It is my understanding that with the Onyx or Magnum, there will be no WiFi and no UMA- In My book that means going backwards from the present Bold-

    The Most interesting of all problems with my Bold is the Track Ball will quit working in either one of two directions or all together, you have to do several Battery pulls and its back up running-

    At 59years old, I am not looking to be "Mr.Cool Dude" with the I-Phone- I just need something that works, I use it for Business, and I am losing my pants with the Bold, because my clients are saying they cant get through to me.

    BTW- I live and work in the Greater Columbus Ohio area, I have Maximum 3-G coverage both for Data and Voice in the areas I frequent- The Phone shows that as well- We have wiped the phone several times completely through the Blackberry Software Manager onDesktop- I am running 1 3rd party app, Microsoft "Tell-Me" and it makes no difference with it on or off the Bold-

    Any Comments........
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    try one out youll love it. I live in an area where I only get 1 bar on edge and rarely have any dropped calls due to bad service or the phone, only when I get into no coverage area.
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