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I have a Curve 8320 and use the wifi at home for internet browser. I ... Nokia Smartphones forum

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    Nokia N95 / Symbian


    I have a Curve 8320 and use the wifi at home for internet browser.

    I was helping my sister-in-law set up her new Nokia N95 including wi-fi and have to say I was impressed with some of the features:

    Hi-res screen
    option of landscape or portrait screen
    super-sharp camera
    wifi internet browsing is slightly faster and the page overview works well
    Javascript and flash are seamless, its like a mini-laptop PC

    Not so good
    Screen refresh is pretty slow
    No push email, no PIN messaging (using it more and more with family all getting BBs)
    No IM service that looks reliable
    Fairly big, chunky handset
    Moving parts - slider and camera lense - potential for breakage for me!

    Overall I stil prefer the Curve, the wifi browsing is the only thing that would ever persuade me. If RIM released a similar browser it would be perfect.

    Anyone else had the chance to compare recent smartphones with their BB?

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    Re: Nokia N95 / Symbian

    My last Symbian was E90 and no more of it. I agree with your 'good' and 'not so good' features listed. I've tried BB Connect with E90 yet nothing as comparable with the native BB push email capabilities. The greatest drawbacks now - where on earth should I stack up all the symbian collections i have since 2005? What a waste! BlackBerry is the best thing ever in my mobile/smartphone experience especially the Curve

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    Re: Nokia N95 / Symbian

    I also have an N95. Luckily, I can use the GPS, Wifi (internet radio), and VOIP calling without a SIM, since my BB is still my main device.

    Just can't get away from the email and full keyboard!!!

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    Iam about to purchase the nokia n95 or maybe the e90 only as to use as a 2nd to my first choice "BB"! I am using the 8310curve now and still haven't unsealed my new 8820 yet! I'm still up in the air reading reviews on the 2nokias .
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