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First Note: I chose this phone over the BlackBerry 8220 Flip. Exclusive to T-Mobile, $199.99 ... Nokia Smartphones forum

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    Mark Reviews the Nokia 7510 Supernova


    First Note: I chose this phone over the BlackBerry 8220 Flip.

    Exclusive to T-Mobile, $199.99 without a plan, compared to $349 for the 8220.

    Specifications are at GSM Arena:

    The first question: Is the new 7510 Supernova from Nokia a "smartphone"?

    I say Yes
    You will probably say No.

    Why the difference? Because in all my years using BlackBerry, I have never wanted or used a Data Plan or Email. I've used BlackBerrys for years primarily for their PIM (Personal Information Management) capabilities and their phone capabilities. I don't know (and don't care) whether the 7510 can receive/send corporate email like a Berry can, but what I personally find important in a handheld is done very well in this new Nokia.

    Look and Feel: The Nokia 7510 Supernova is a very solid, "heavy" device that feels very strong, especially compared with Nokia's other "plasticky" flips from the past. I can hold it without feeling like it's going to break in my grip, unlike the 2760 and earlier models. The cover is "rubberized", similar to the Motorola V300 - V330 phones, so it will not slide out of your hands. It has a very firm feel.

    There is a pushbutton on the right side of the phone that opens the flip. However, if you prefer, it can be opened without the button. I like having the choice, unlike the Motorola Pebl where it was locked closed without use of the opening mechanism.

    There is a monochrome outer display which shines through the cover; i.e. you can't see a screen on the front, but information generic to these displays "magically" lights up on the cover. Nice conversation piece, makes my grandchildren say "Whoa . . ."

    The screen, a 16 million color TFT, is the best quality screen I've ever seen on a mobile phone. It has a definition above and beyond my 8700g and better than the display model of the 8220 that was at my local TMO store. It is very pleasing to the eye.

    Call Quality:
    Clarity of call and signal is superb. I had considered my 8700g the best phone in that regard until now. This unit offers clarity in noisy rooms (I used it in a casino last night) like no other phone I've ever had. Definate A+. Speakerphone is a little irritating because, like all other Nokias, you have to wait til the call is connected to switch it on so you have to hold it to your ear until answered. The speakerphone is, however, very clear and loud.

    PIM: The most important aspect of a handheld for me is the PIM. I am utterly dependent on the calendar/notepad/storage capabilities of my phone, which is why I've stuck to BlackBerry for so long. This Nokia 7510 includes everything I'm used to in a Berry except the Password Keeper, but for my purposes the Notepad and Password applications are easily combined in the Nokia "Notes" ap. I have been able to utilize this application as easily on the Nokia as on the Berry.

    I rate the Nokia 7510 Calendar equal to the BlackBerry. Utilizing it is a little different because the menu structures are different, but it bears the same useability and ease. A nice touch (one that is present on most Nokias) is that you can enter a person's date of birth and the calendar displays their age every year. Blackberry is a little easier to input calendar entries that are a little irregular but repeating: for example if you want an entry that repeats on the first Wednesday of every month, it's easy on a Berry and not so on a Nokia.

    Memory Access Speed: This is an area where Nokia blows BlackBerry away. The 7510 comes with a 512mb MicroSD card. I'm used to Blackberry taking a big chunk of time to access data on a memory card, and even multimedia in it's system memory. The Nokia is much, much faster than any Berry I've ever used. I can menu through to the card and display a picture in a couple of seconds, and be looking at my fourth or fifth Grandchild pic before the BlackBerry hourglass stops its silly spinning. This is a nice feature for impatient folks like me!

    Security: If you're a member of the CIA, go with a BlackBerry. However, for folks like me where there's no national secrets on my device, the 7510 passwords nicely in case I leave it on a bench somewhere. For my purpose, the security on both devices is about equal. The Nokia leaves me with no concerns.

    Camera: The 7510 has a great 2mp camera. My only BlackBerry with a camera was the 8100 Pearl, and I would rate the two units as equals. Again, the data access speed makes the Nokia quite a bit faster than the 8100 was. For some reason, the 7510 will nicely focus a picture for you after it is taken, whereas on other handheld cameras I've used you have to be careful to hold the unit p-e-r-f-e-c-t-l-y s-t-i-l-l or the pictures are blurred, especially in dim lighting conditions. The Nokia has an LED flash that, frankly, is absolutely useless. It is better to take the picture in the dark and allow the camera to adjust than it is to use the dull flash.

    Operating System: I've used three brands of mobile phone primarily, and I've discovered that their OSs are very different from each other but remarkably the same from device to device. For example, if you know how to use the OS 4.0 on a BlackBerry 6230, then learning 4.5 or 4.6 on a 8220 Pearl is not difficult, because at their heart they're the same. The Motorolas, Nokias and BlackBerrys I've used are radically different from each other (it's like learning 3 different languages), but within the realm of their own brand they are the same. The Nokia 7510 OS is, for all intents and purposes, the newer version but in most aspects very much the same as previous versions of Nokia OSs. The difference between Nokia and BlackBerry OSs is really just a matter of personal taste. (Whereas I still wonder what in the world they were thinking when they coded the OS for Motorola) T9 in a practiced hand is as easy as SureType, although not as convenient as a full QWERTY, so that little OS difference doesn't concern me.

    Conclusion: For my purposes and for the cost, the 7510 Supernova for T-Mobile ranks very highly. I will agree that it is not "technically" a Smartphone, but it compares very favorably with BlackBerry's 8220 Flip in many, many areas. It is sound, sturdy, keeps your senses interested, performs very well and costs a fraction. I'm sure glad that there's a Nokia forum now at the Stacks!

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    Nice review Mark, I hope you enjoy your new device.

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    Addendum: I've had this 7510 Supernova for 5 months now, and I could not be happier. I spent two or three weeks on a HTC Shadow, as discussed in another forum, however this Nok is my main squeeze. A couple of changes to the above review: I put in a 4 GB microSD card (replacing the 512mb) and the memory access times I discussed have not changed. I use this extra memory for pictures, not music, therefore 4GB is a cavernous amount of space. I have over 1000 pictures on the card and am using less than 10% of the memory. The device will accommodate a microSD up to 8GB. Also, the LED flash that comes with the camera is quite useful in certain applications, so it's not as useless as I described above. I'm still a happy camper with my Nok!

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    Good review, very informative. Nokia makes really quality devices.
    ~via smartphone

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