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i just got my new nokia E65 red one. it is fantasitic. i can get ... Nokia Smartphones forum

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    how to get email notification on nokia E65?


    i just got my new nokia E65 red one. it is fantasitic.

    i can get email access but i do not get any notification until i connet to the server.

    i want to have instant email notification like BB does.

    does anyone know how to do this please?

    thank you in advance.

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    Re: how to get email notification on nokia E65?

    I have no experience with this device. Anyone else?

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    Re: how to get email notification on nokia E65?

    Hello there,

    I don't want to talk too soon but i think I have resolved the Vodafone email notification problem on nokia phones.

    I have an E70 and am running Vodafone Business Email. For the last year it has not given me email notfications. I did the following things and it is unclear which of these cleared the problem but i now have email alerts all the time. It may be only one of these solutions, it may be a combination of them all, I guess only trial and error will show:

    I downloaded the latest version of Vodafone Business Email. Clearly you are having problems with Blackberry software so this may not be relevant to you but i suspect it will be.

    Then, in VBE, you set up a mail box and give it a name. Mine was named after my business. I changed this simply to "Email". I have a suspicion that the phone only activates email alerts for "email" and if the box is called something else, it no longer thinks it is email. Hope that makes sense!

    Having done this, I realised that there were always unread emails in my inbox, some had been there for ages and i hadn't deleted them. When there are unread emails in the inbox, the new email notfication never works. It's the same on Outlook on my pc. It will only play an alert sound if I have already looked at previous new emails.

    So a combination of new software, renaming the email inbox and making sure that I dont leave unread emails in the inbox have meant that my phone now beeps, vibrates and puts a symbol on the screen whenever I have new mail.

    I really hope that helps you all too. Please let me know...

    Good luck


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