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    Finding the Smartphone inside the Cell Phone


    For about 6 months I've used a Nokia 7510 Supernova Flip, and it has been a wonderful gadget. For a short period of time I used an HTC Juno (the T-Mobile Shadow), but was drawn back to the Nokia. I still stand by all the good things I said about it: Mark Reviews the Nokia 7510 Supernova.
    However, my daughter, a full-time university student in another state far away, broke her phone. Since I have about a zillion of these little devices around, I wiped and then sent my 7510 to her. Armed with an excuse, I went over to the T-Mobile shop to choose out a new handheld, and was actually leaning towards the 8220 Pearl Flip when something caught my eye - Probably the smallest cellular phone I have ever seen, the Nokia 5310 Xpress Music. It is the size of a wafer. It is really pretty, too. I know it is intended for teenagers, and is supposed to be a "music" phone, but I played around with it for a few minutes to get the feel; then I went home and studied its specs and read some reviews on the internet. Then I went back to Tmo and bought it!

    The 5310 was introduced almost two years ago, which is ancient by many people's standards. Here's what it has: a 16m color screen, equal in quality to the 7510 and better than any Blackberry I've seen. Email and Internet (with a data plan), and email without a data plan. microSD card slot (I have my 4GB card in it and it works great). 2 mp camera. Great PIM applications (Calendar, Notepad, Alarm Clock, Calculator, stopwatch, timer, a converter application, etc.). Verrrry fast access times to data (no long waits, like on most Blackberrys). Outstanding phone call quality. Great speakerphone. MMS and SMS. FM Radio, which when used with quality earphones is spectacular. Nice Media player. A 3-1/2mm jack, so standard fones will plug in to the device to listen to radio/music. (Most handhelds sport a 2-1/2mm jack).

    Again, just like with the 7510, I've found smartphone guts in a "cell phone".

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    well, most brands have really great phones out there... RIM have a few good BBs available, samsung have the Omnia (i think thats what its called), Nokia have great phones as well.. Such as the E series as well as the N series...and so on.. I guess it depends on your needs and wants at that point. Glad you found one that fit your needs.
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