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Hi, I just realized that I had never posted on Pinstack. I'm not sure why. ... Nokia Smartphones forum

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    E71 (unlocked) review on ATT network



    I just realized that I had never posted on Pinstack. I'm not sure why. Anyway, I've been using an E71 (unlocked), and it's the most awesome phone I've ever had.

    This phone gives me the functionality of a BB, but without having to connect to BB's network. I do occasionally check Ovi for new apps, but rarely find any I'm interested in. I use Nokia Messaging, not the native email client. I have also used Seven for email, but their lack of HTML for Symbian phones really turned me off. With Nokia Messaging I have 6 personal email accounts setup and using push. Very convenient. Only down side of Nokia Messaging I can see is that you can either have it setup for an Exchange account, of for a combination of POP and IMAP accounts. So I lose access to my work email, but honestly the ones I need to monitor while I'm at work are my personal accounts.

    The Office Suite that is included with the E71 works great. I use Briefacse on my PC to keep files up to date on the phone. Downside to that is I had to keep Nokia Suite to a 2 year old version and also not use Ovi Suite, because the current versions do not acknowledge Thunderbird as an acceptable email client, only Outlook. I stopped using Outlook at home 3 years ago, and never looked back. Also, at some point in the past 2 years, Nokia remove file sync from both Nokia Suite and Ovi Suite. Both will only sync PIM info if you use Outlook, and media files sync.

    There have never been any Flash Lite updates for this phone. So the very few Flash based sites I try to visit will not display. Many other does work though.

    After using this phone for 2 years, I can definitely recommend it for performance and stability. A few drawbacks due to Symbian OS. My recent wanderings are leading me to think that my next phone will be Android, even though that isn't without problems either. I definitely will not buy a provider subsidized phone again

    Hope you found this somewhat useful.

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    Nice review, thanks for sharing! Oh, and welcome to posting here on the Stacks! Keep it up! We could use your expertise on the Nokia device!

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