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Have switched between the Nokia E71 and bberry twice now and just can't seem to ... Nokia Smartphones forum

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    Blackberry application suite for Nokia


    Have switched between the Nokia E71 and bberry twice now and just can't seem to make up my mind.

    While I like the size, predictive text and lower radiation levels of the E71, the MfE reliability is just awful there are too many sync errors etc that make it unsuitable for business.

    and so I am back to bberry. Like so many people have said, it just works.

    I recently read that there was a statement by the head of Nokia messaging that blackberry is prepping a program for the Nokia E71 - blackberry application suite. It seems to be pretty cool, offering all bberry features including messenger.

    Any news on the possible release date of this product?


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    The reference is to the utilization of BlackBerry Connect for Nokia handsets. You can find a press release from January 20, 2009 here
    And here is Nokia's link for setting it up on your device.

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    In the same boat

    I also keep switching back and forth between the Bold (now 8900) and the E71.
    I hope it is the application suite and not BB Connect when it arrives.
    Anyone have a beta they can share???


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    getting both e71x and the bold. i like blackberry just wanted to try the new e71x hell it only cost me 99 cent and the bold a lot more then 99cents. going to try and get the both of them unlocked once in hand

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    Lightbulb Blackberry application suite for Nokia

    Yesterday we got some big news about the BlackBerry Application Suite, the next generation of Connect which will bring all that great BlackBerry (NSDQ: RIMM) functionality to Windows Mobile devices. This is primarily for enterprises looking to support a wider range of devices without having to change their entire back-end for a few rebellious smartphone-users. It looks like after a bit of time playing with BAS, the tipster in question has cooked up a list of impressions and features.

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    I am using 8900, slightly dismayed with trackball performance, otherwise I love the device. So was just wondering whether to try E71 or not? As thread suggests couple of users have tried both, so I am sure your opinion will be pretty fact based. So should I switch over to E71 or shud I stick to 8900? More then the track ball issue, I will be interested to have a comparisson with respect to performance, speed, browsing experience, email handling, messengers (BB messenger)?
    Looking forward to expert opinion, and thanks in advance.
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    The thing is... BB is more business friendly than nokia.. Emails are encripted etc... But nokia also have similar multi-email applications like a BB has... However, if what you are looking for is BBM, then as far as I know, you're out of luck...
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    I think this is a really good idea!


    Please contact me

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