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Originally Posted by silverdreams Well, they gave me a KRZR, but that's obviously no substitute ... Motorola Androids forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by silverdreams View Post
    Well, they gave me a KRZR, but that's obviously no substitute for a BlackBerry, so I've been letting my sister use it. I'm told that they definitely won't give me a Q.

    Thanks for that info, tavella81. I currently use XP. Is ActiveSync already on the computer, or do I install it off a CD that comes with the Q? What happens with the passwords in my Password Keeper on the Curve? Is there a Windows Mobile equivalent to that? And what's Goodlink?

    I hope to still hang around here Mr Carter, but I'll definitely feel inferior to all the cool people with BlackBerrys.
    You can just download Activesync 4.5 from I think the original Q came with Activesync 4.2. If it's a Q9(whatever letter) it should have 4.5. Regarding the password keeper, I've never used it. Couldn't tell you. That is something you'll probably have to manually transfer. A KRZR? I'd tell them where to go. That's a slap in the face if you want my opinion. It was cool maybe two years ago, but lets be honest, it now is a joke. They could have at least provided a Razr2 or any of their other phones. I hope they're paying you well

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    You can only bring Motorola Hardware into your place of work?

    Man, that's the craziest thing I ever heard. What if you don't? Will they fire you? If so, you might have a legit lawsuit you could file on your employer.

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    My wife got rid of her 8830 for a Q. It is the worst phone I have ever tried to use. I'm thankful I still have my curve. Also the battery life of the Q sucks, even with the oversized battery.

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    Ok I had the Q and it is my worst device experience ever. Period

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    As someone's mentioned, unless you signed such an agreement, or they otherwise have it posted, you have no obligation to comply with a demand of that nature, and very well could ignore it, and or bring a cause of action against them.

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    He works for Motorola, it would not look proper to prospective clients if you walk into a meeting with a BlackBerry. Especially if you are going to discuss mobility with Motorola.

    If employees in a company does not believe in their own product, why should a customer.

    I have friends that work at Microsoft and they too are not allowed to use BlackBerries. They use either an HP iPaq or Motto Q.

    I also have a friend at Samsung and they have the same restriction.

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    Well that really sucks I can understand the company's view but I also understand yours, the moto q is an okay phone but of course not a blackberry, I believe if the company demands that you have a moto phone then they should buy you one you shouldn't be able to restrict people from they're personal choice of what phone they want to use since it is for personal use. Now if it is being used as a work phone that's a different story. They shouldn't be able to say you can't bring your phone in the building unless you signed an agreement prior to be hired with the company and in that case they have a defense because you knew or should have known ahead of time. ~via BB (

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    Good luck on that one I used to have a Moto Q9m and it was horrible. It was slow locked up and I had to constantly kill the apps it was running. The themes are not very good and I had a bear of a time syncing up with my mail server. I had it for 5 months and I will never use one again.

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