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Hi, I'm very very new to this smartphone thingy and I was hoping some kind, ... Motorola Androids forum

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    Question Smartphones for Dummies?


    Hi, I'm very very new to this smartphone thingy and I was hoping some kind, benevolent veterans would take pity on me and help explain things. (please?) I just got a Motorola Backflip and I have a limited (200mb per month) data plan. I don't want to go over my limit and start getting charged for using the internet if unecessary.

    So my questions are:

    (1) I have heard that I can change my settings so that I use wi-fi instead of 3G to connect to the internet and I won't be charged if it's wi-fi. Is that true? If so how do I do that?
    (2) When I try to download apps I get a message that the app will need access to the internet. Does that mean that it will use the internet only to download the app or every time I use the app?
    (3) Is there an app anyone's heard of that will help me with meal planning? I'd like to glance at my phone and know what I'm making for dinner!
    (4) Is there an app for a to-do list that I can set up for recurring tasks, i.e. pay the bills, clean the bathroom, etc.?
    (5) Is there a website that lists all (or a lot) of the apps available with descriptions and price that anyone would suggest?
    (6) I have tried to download Motorola's Media Link so that I can put my music and photos on my phone but it won't work. The download completes but an installation wizard never appears and the only exe file I can see doesn't load the program. I have vista on my pc (I know, I know). Has anyone else had this problem? Is there a fix?
    (7) Is there an app for Google Docs? I can't find one. If there is one, does it access the internet every time you open a document?
    (8) Is there a smartphones for dummies article that would be helpful for me to read? Clearly I need something.

    Thanks, for anyone who takes the time to help. I am 30 (not so very old after all) so I am a little embarassed that I don't understand this stuff but the technology changed so rapidly while I was staying home and raising my two kids these past 5 years that I couldn't keep up! Sadly I just discovered facebook about a year ago too.

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    I can answer the wifi part, but someone with Android will have to fill in the rest.

    In order to use wifi at home, you would need to have a wifi router that's in your house. I asked my Internet provider for my DSL on my Pc for a wifi router. It is all I use at home and it does not use your phone mb's while your on it. If you are out and about where there isn't wifi it will use your phone provider 3G. You would be surprised where it can pick up wifi. Stores, hospitals, schools, coffee shops, etc. even your neighbors wifi if not protected with a password.

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    wifi through a router at home is SUPER fast, especially if you have hi speed internet
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    Welcome to Pinstack newbackflipper! I'll try to answer your questions best I can. I've never used the Backflip, but I've been using Android since the day it was released. Your device is running Android 1.5, if I'm not mistaken, which is an older version of Android and is missing some key features that has since been added to later versions. You have a different Android market than me so some of my app suggestions might not show up in your market, but you can give it a try anyway. I'll anwser your questions in order.

    1.pdxmatts pretty much covered it.

    2. Yes, some apps use internet data to function correctly, and will let you know when you download them. For example, a weather widget will use internet data to keep the forecast updated and accurate. There's an app called "3G Watchdog" that very helpful at monitoring your data usage. Hopefully it'll work on your Backflip.

    3. For meal planning apps, you can just do a search on the market for "meal planning", and see what results you come up with. I'm not the chef in my family so I cant help you much with

    4. Before I got my Droid X, which has this functionality built in, I used an app called "Notes" for my to do lists. Its great!

    5. AppBrain is a great site.

    6. Try Double Twist for syncing your device. Its a little slow but it works.

    7. Sorry, I cant help with this one. Maybe someone else can chime in with an answer.

    8. You're in the right place for learning. Pinstack has many informative threads. Just start looking through the Android section Someone is always willing to help you out so dont be shy. Just ask. We're all here to help each other better our experience with these powerful devices.

    I hope this helps you out. You did the right thing by asking. Nothing wrong with that. Good luck!
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