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Hey Everyone, I am looking to get a new phone. Right now I am on ... Motorola Androids forum

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    I need 3G, MOTO Q OR BB 8800


    Hey Everyone,

    I am looking to get a new phone. Right now I am on the blackberry 8700c and I'm looking to upgrade or buy a phone on ebay. I am really looking forward to a phone that has 3G but I also love Blackberry's Push Email. Right now I am thinking about Cingular's New MOTOROLA Q. Because it has 3G and If I really need it Blackberry Connect. I am looking to save a little money so I wanted to know if Windows Mobile 6.1 or even the older versions do they have good push email? Because i wanted to save some money on my monthly bill so I was thinking of downgrading my BIS plan to Media Max Unlimited. I was hoping to benefit 3G and Good Push Email? At a reasonable priced Data Plan.

    If I stay with Blackberry I was thinking about getting a 8800 off ebay? I figured there about 100 bucks or so I wouldn't be spending that much money plus I heard there's a 3G BB coming out in 2008.

    What do you guys think?

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    Re: I need 3G, MOTO Q OR BB 8800

    I say wait 4 the 3g BBs, if you're in love with push email, then nothing is gonna give you better service than a BlackBerry. The 8800 also doesn't have 3g and isn't much of an upgrade over the 8700 besides the media capabilities.

    Plus, you're able to save money by waiting a little longer to purchase another phone, since price is an issue for you too.

    And trust me, if you by another phone right now and don't wait, when those new BlackBerries come out... YOU WILL WANT ONE!

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    Wait for the 3G BB. I have the 8800 and while a decent unit there have been issues that I have learned to tolerate. I'm staying with BB. Probably will get the BOLD when my contract is up.

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    Def wait for the 3g bb. Nothing comepares especaially since u like the push email so much. But make sure u live n an area that offers 3g. I live n north carolina. At&t offers 3g on their new bb bold, however at&t doesn't even have 3g in north carolina yet.

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