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I must say as far as Droid reviews go 99% of what i've been hearing ... Motorola Androids forum

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    I must say as far as Droid reviews go 99% of what i've been hearing is positive. It could have a lot to do with the carrier. I guess only time and surveys will tell.

    I really like the "Droid Does" marketing theme. Android is growing fast with apps and as for apps see the 1st item listed in my post here:

    With that said, I'm so use to/efficient with touch screen tying that the slide out keyboard would have to improve lots for me to consider it. As it stands I would only use Droid's qwerty touch interface. It's a very thin device regardless and hope to see a touch only version in the near future. I guess having both the software and physical keypad falls in line with "Droid Does"... so not sure if I get that wish.
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    Truthfully, I can count the times I've used the physical keyboard on 1 hand, but its still so thin and a joy to use. Also its good to have more options. Like you hayden i'm just used to the virtual with the spell correction, haptic feedback, and sound all work together for unmatched speed and accuracy.
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