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Has anyone figured out how to stop apps from starting on there own. When I ... Motorola Androids forum

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    Calling all Droid Users.....


    Has anyone figured out how to stop apps from starting on there own. When I activate the kill funtion with advance task manager free it will tell me say.....19 apps have been stopped. Then when I hit the kill button again it say say....6 apps have been stopped. Problem is I didn't start any apps for it to kill. So how can the apps be prevented from opening automatically?

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    I deleted the task killer app, I have 83 apps downloaded, often have 2 browsers, 2 twitter apps, market, games, mail, gtalk, handcent and much more running and I have no troubles. The android OS seems very good at managing resources on it's own. It's hard to let go of the obsessive control as a former BB user. But I have dumped the task killer 2 weeks ago and saw no change in performance, no improvement with it, and no lag without it.
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    I read on a few other forums that it's best not to use that app because the Droid OS does a good job at managing the apps on its own. Here are a couple of links on the topic:
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