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I currently came across a Cingular 8525 unlocked and I'm a Tmo customer and was ... HTC Androids forum

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    Unlocked Cingular 8525 w/ Tmo Service Features?


    I currently came across a Cingular 8525 unlocked and I'm a Tmo customer and was wondering how would I got about accessing the internet with this phone. I read that this phone has Wifi on it, does that mean im able to connect to my home wifi network and surf the internet for free or recieve emails? Do i need to purchase any type of data plan? Does anyone know any sites that give detailed description of the different features of this phone or any time of enhancements ext. wallpapers, games, programs, customization? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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    As for getting the internet settings on the unit, you will need to contact T-Mobile's customer care department from a different phone (1-800-937-8997) and let them know you have an unlocked device you need MMS and WAP settings for. They will in turn transfer you over to the unsupported device technical service team who will either send the settings to your unit and give you the codes you need to have them auto programmed or walk you through the setup (which is why you need to call them from another device).

    As for the rest of the info, I would do a search for xda-developer and create an account on their forums page. They deal exclusively with Windows Mobile devices (primarily HTC units).


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