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Keep in mind folks this is my first tutorial and I'm doing it all mobile. ... HTC Androids forum

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    Tutorial (i guess) s-off and root Evo 3D, Sensation


    Keep in mind folks this is my first tutorial and I'm doing it all mobile. There are more detailed ones out there. I've done the best I can to share with you pinstackers.

    I'll help all I can, but I'm a script idiot, so please don't ask me for scripts. This way I was able to do the whole thing without typing one script. You can laugh at that if you want, but it worked. I've flashed 2 custom roms so far, so I'm happy.

    How to achieve s-off for Evolution 3D and Sensation using Revolutionary: S-OFF & Recovery Tool

    Ok, so let me try this. First know that I'm only telling you how to do this, I have had nothing to do with the development or distribution of this tool. I'm just a user like you.

    Second, as with all tools like this, do so at your own risk. Don't blame the development team that created it, anyone that hosts files, or me if you brick. So far I haven't seen any bricks posted, and I found it pretty painless, but there is always a chance.


    You'll need a PC or Linux machine, USB to connect your device to your computer, and patience. Don't rush, read and follow directions carefully and you'll do fine.

    Connect your device (be sure usb debugging is on snd youre in charge only mode) and go to and.

    The first page is where you will achieve s-off, the second is where you get instructions and HTC drivers to accomplish s-off. I could type it all here but unrevoked and AlphaRev have created a pretty good FAQ.

    Once done go back to the first page. Be sure you installed the HTC drivers.

    Read the page, then download from the link you need (Win or Linux)

    A pop up appears once the download starts. Leave it up, you'll need it in a minute.

    Make sure your device is in charge only mode. Locate the file you downloaded, open and double click to run. If you installed the HTC drivers you should be fine. Be patient.

    At a point the command window the file opened will give you a serial number. Write it down and go back to the pop up mentioned earlier. Select your answers in the drop Downs, and you will get a key. Write it down. IT IS CASE SENSITIVE.

    Back at your computer, enter the key into the the program, IT IS CASE SENSITIVE, so be careful while entering.

    This should get you on your way, just be sure to wait until it is all done. Your device will reboot a few times, you'll see s-on a couple of those, eventually it will go to s-off.

    You now should be able to permanently root your device.

    During the s-off process you will be given the option of downloading clockwork mod recovery. It has been reported working, and its up to you if you want to go that route.

    TeamWin has released TeamWin Recovery Project, or twrp for short.

    " TeamWin Recovery Project, or twrp for short, is a custom recovery built with ease of use and customization in mind. We started from the ground up by taking AOSP recovery and loading it with the standard recovery options, then added a lot of our own features that we deemed missing from current recoveries. After a lot of hard work for weeks, we are happy to announce the release of twrp in anticipation of unrEVOked & AlphaRev's revolutionary release."

    I chose to go with it, and am going to tell you the easiest way that I found to install. If you're familiar with using the fastboot to flash, then that is an option. You can get twrp from here as an image :

    I installed as a .zip directly from my evo. To do so, download twrp as a .zip from here.

    Put the .zip into the root of your SD card and boot into fastboot (hold volume down while powering up)
    If you have problems getting to fastboit, pull your battery then try.

    Onnce it boots, boitloader will see the .zip and install. Well, it did for me.
    If everything has gone well you now have twrp as your recovery.

    Now you probably want to root, well its pretty easy.
    Download this file
    place it in your SD cards root. If you haven't deleted the twrp zip from earlier, do sue now. You want this as the only .zip file (if I remember correctly)
    Boot to fast boot again, and it should load this. Once its done, reboot, and you are rooted.

    Thanks go to unrevoked and AlphaRev and teamWin, as well as the folks that tested and helped them accomplish THEIR hard work.

    The links for the recovery image and superuser (to root) are on my dropbox. I didn't create these files but am sharing from dropbox as to honor Pinstacks rules. I thank Roger for his advice to post this, and hope it helps in some way.

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    Very nicely done Jay. This will be helpful to a lot of folks.
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    Awesome. Thank you sir!

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    Thanks Jay. It works, although it gave me cold shivers... glad it´s over. Lets see how it performs now...
    Great lecture there bud !

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    Nice guide. Thank you! I'll give it a try tonight and let you know how it goes.
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