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Originally Posted by gameboy213 ~via BB ( Blackberry really nails what it trys to do. ... HTC Androids forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by gameboy213 View Post
    ~via BB (

    Blackberry really nails what it trys to do. It is a communication device first and everything else second. WM is a little computer first and everything else second. I have had 5 WM phones and they keep getting better but they are Not the comm device that the Blackberry is yet.... They might be someday but I doubt it.
    completely agree with this....When it comes to fast, reliable, instant communication, BB will always win over winmo no matter how fast the processor is. RIM has built communication into their platform as the main selling point, and it's king of the heap. Now, if the 3g iphone has a better keyboard I might be tasting the dark side
    Yes, I've been diagnosed with Phantom Vibration Disorder.....

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    Ok , This is a rant: I am/was an avid WM user. (You guys can curse me later.) I have owned several WM devices...not phone, just OS. I always thought that Black Berry was a Palm OS...sorry everyone, the downfall of listening to clueless sources. Long story short: I bought a BB pearl...just as a tethering device. (Due to size.) After 24 hour w/ this new OS, I found BLISS!!!!! Simple, yet, not shy! The BB became my new device...HANDS-DOWN!!! The size, OS, Programs, security, intelligence of the PRO users, the devotion...need I say more?! My brother constantly downs BB and says it is useless because it is not hackable..... I say, "BOOOYAH!!!!"------------------rant over......................

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    you tell 'em Jbee!!! blows a Curve out of the water; PULEEZE

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    Windows Mobile is a death trap.

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    Chokem - Love your avatar - big SD fan here as well - But the shows I've seen in last decade or so are overwhelmingly "showy" Vegas style crap IMHO.

    As for the TILT - It's a great device witgh a lot more functionality than the Curve. Period. If you can past the often sluggishness of WM and the actual size/weight of the phone (it's BIG), it's worth looking into.

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    BOO this man. BOO!!!! haha

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