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My wife and I have BB 8310 with ATT we live in Alaska and don't ... HTC Androids forum

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    Recommendations Please


    My wife and I have BB 8310 with ATT we live in Alaska and don't really have 3g not to mention 4g service yet. Our kids have I phones of course,and they really seem to offer more in the way of Pictures and such. I like a all in one phone that I don't have to upgrade all the time. So what I want in a phone and this may be asking to much is....Good Camera and Video and plenty of apps to keep me from getting board while the wife is shopping. I am sure the I phone would fit the bill but I keep hearing about the HTC phones. any suggestions while I research would be great.

    Thanks JMA

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    Since it sounds like you're staying with AT&T, I would opt for the Blackberry Torch, if the iPhone isn't your cup of tea. I believe you can get them now for $99.99 with an upgrade. If you're leaning towards a android, I would check out the Captivate.
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    Unfortunately it really boils down to personal preference. The iPhone has many more apps, games, ect. However the Android based phones are fast catching up. The Android based phone will actually play many games that you can get on xbox and ps3 via an emulator. They both offer touch screens, multitasking and the like. The iPhone sports the new retinal display that many experts claim is the top of the line display. Many of the Android phones offer the super amoled screen, that is far superior to what you have with the 8310. I probably have just made the decision more difficult, but it is really a matter of personal preference, go and look at both...use them and then make an educated choice.

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