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I have been using HTC Legend for a month now and really like it over ... HTC Androids forum

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    New HTC Legend owner seeking help


    I have been using HTC Legend for a month now and really like it over my old cell phone. I have 10 contacts in my phone, but when I add any new one it just delete the previous ones. I read the user manual, but found nothing specific to this. I never had such problem with my any phone and this is my first HTC phone, so can't figure out the reason behind it. Can anyone help me out?


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    I have the HTC Incredible and I have over 500 contacts on mine. I don't know of any limitations, within reason, for contacts. I looked and I don't see any limit-setting parameter. Have you tried setting up (more than 10) contacts somewhere and using the import/export function on you Legend. You should find it by going to "people," pressing menu and selecting "import/export." See if you can get more than 10 on your phone using that setup technique.
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    Might try adding the contacts to your google account on a pc. Then add the same account (if you haven't already) under settings>accounts & sync on the legend. Let it sync and see if it allowed you to add more than ten. Hope this helps.

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