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I just acquired the HTC Touch Pro. Not sure if I like it or not ... HTC Androids forum

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    HTC Touch Pro - Applications


    I just acquired the HTC Touch Pro. Not sure if I like it or not so far. Its got tons of options but nothing compared to the iPhone. Does anyone know if there are any applications out for it? Or if I download applications for other phones if they would work on my Touch Pro? Like a radio player and YouTube player? Also, I haven't really tested it out, but does anyone know if I can upgrade video codecs on this thing?

    I'm contemplating buying a crappier phone and an ipod touch instead of this thing. Phone - phone usage
    iTouch - faster on general, + wifi without a billing plan, and amazing applications like pandora and youtube...

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    Hey head over to they have 100's of apps and tweaks for that phone they are great

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