Have had a BB Pearl for many years now, and was thinking it might be nice to upgrade. I'm not buying into the iPhone thing so the HTC phones grabbed my attention. The Tilt2 looked nice, but in reality, it's bulky and heavy. So the Pure is just about the same screen size - just without the touch key pad.

-Screen itself is very nice resolution
-Touchflo is a great idea to move through the menus, but it doesn't work too well unless you stop in "just" the right spot.
- I don't use Outlook, so adding contacts was a little cumbersome because:
- The touch key pad for numbers/letters is small. typos galore. Have been hoping a week would remedy it, but nope. I think the screen itself is too small to have this function.
- I like how the contacts are linked to any email, text, etc on their screen. Very well organized.
- Connecting to the internet has been cumbersome. It's almost like when 3G & Wireless are enabled at the same time, it cancels eachother out and nothing happens, instead of having WiFi be the priority. I can't seem to figure it out, but only 3G works consistently.
- It also would be nice if it asked if you wanted to join a wireless connection automatically instead of having to tell the phone to look and connect.
- Internet webpage rendering: pictures look horrible, it would be nice to have it go direct to mobile sites - if i was able to actually get online.
- zoom function is nice
- Ring tones are actually solid and useable. Alarm volume cannot be adjusted and it's really loud!
- the 5MP camera is really really good for a phone. I can use those photos in real life and not be ashamed. However, the lag time to snap the photo is unusually long. The slideshow feature looks great!
- Photo editing - like rotation - is buried very deep and is cumbersome when trying to assign photos to contacts.
- the audio quality of a phone call is really good
- the App center cannot connect to the server! surprise!
- I wish google maps app would be compatible with the GPS function. I don't want to have to use the AT&T Navigator - which i also cannot use because it cannot connect to the server.
- The computer interface to manage the phone is awful. It was like the Windows people forgot about it until after the phone was made.
- The notification that your text message has been sent cannot get turned off.
- The phone is slow at times, no freezing except for when i tried opening GPS app.

Overall, i really like the size and weight of the phone. I like the screen quality of anything that does not come from the internet. I like the camera and audio quality. However, the rest of the phone is not worth it and i will have to return it. Too bad because I can tell they are onto something. Just not there quite yet.