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Originally Posted by ld-runner i would agree with you 100% if i was an average ... HTC Androids forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by ld-runner View Post
    i would agree with you 100% if i was an average run of the mill consumer. but since i know how to re-flash an HTC device and get rid of the AT&T bloat, the Fuze is leaps and bounds better than the Bold. of course, that is not a fair comparison because one must have the ability to 'hack' the Fuze. however, if you had done that, you would keep the Fuze for a very long time.
    The ROM that AT&T put on the Fuze is a complete joke and dumbs down the device to about 10% of its potential.
    I think that there's a distinction to be made when discussing an average run of the mill smartphone consumer.

    I was aware that I would have to set the phone up to my liking and such when I purchased it.

    I think anyone who buys a smartphone and purchases it expects to do some set-up work. I was prepared for that as I had never used a Windows Mobile device.

    I even did my homework and checked out the XDA developer wiki for the HTC Diamond. I could have used regedit software, installed ROM's and .CAB's, and eventually, by running 3rd party config programs, gotten the Fuze to meet my expectations.

    Since I chose not to, I suppose I'll never know if the Fuze is 'leaps and bounds better than the Bold', though I sincerely doubt it.
    IMHO, here are the core difference between these devices;

    The Fuze did not ever inspire confidence when I handled it, even when I became fairly comfortable with the workings of the device and the alignment of the touch screen. Using the touch screen, I was never quite sure if I hit the correct button (sometimes I was sure, only to be wrong when an unexpected menu came up). Even when I did, I had to wait for the phone to respond.

    Always waiting for the phone to respond.

    In contrast the Bold exceeded my expectations right out of the box(I got it yesterday). The phone responds to my commands instantly.
    I can use it with confidence.
    It's really just quantity vs. quality. The Fuze has lots of options, lots of screens and menus, lot's of input options, lots of homebrew support, but most of them are kind of 'meh'.
    The Bold knows what it's meant to do, and does it well.
    That's pretty much the difference for me.

    It is conducive to one handed use.
    There is only one input option, but it works very well.
    I told the calender to open in 'month view', and it does. Every time.
    The internet browser is much easier to use and it works wherever there is 3G or EDGE service (so far).
    The BB's browser loads in a fraction of the time it took the HTC product to load it's browser.

    Not to be redundant, but I really feel a need to warn those who may be on the fence that this product is not what it seems. Expect a purchased HTC Fuze to be considerably more sluggish than the display model after a few days of real world use.

    Shop carefully.

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    Wow... did my registry edits, did the advanced config, installed some cabs, the phone is screaming fast now, i mean i LOVED my BB Pearl but this is way faster, way more options, messed with the BB Storm (My cousin has one) SOOO SLOW, but i know RIM wll fix that with an updated OS (verizon rushed the storm)... but i mean my Internet has worked 100% of the time, and the phone was a little slow out of the box but just the our BB's after a few resets and some time with the phone it speeds itself up... GREAT PHONE I LOVE MINE.. I have to agree with ID-runner.... people who dont spend some time working with thier WM phone and tweaking it to thier personal specs wont like the phone.... Its all a learning experience

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    I love my fuze, because I can sync with my mail system with no additional costs, and it doesn't require everything to go through a single NOC in a foreign country!!!

    And watching movies on my phone. And being able to install / remove apps. And I GOTTA get the cable so I can hook it up to a projector. Even Iphone can't do that.

    and having a real keyboard when I want it, but don't have to bother with it when I don't.....

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    Forgot to mention. the error in opera is due to a proxy setting (proxys suck for users, but ISPs like them) easy fix HERE

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    how do the other browsers work like Skyfire and 2 others?
    Once you go BlackBerry you never go back!

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