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Can I still get my emails? Other than that I just like to use the ... HTC Androids forum

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    going from 8900 to TP2 any thing i should know


    Can I still get my emails? Other than that I just like to use the internet. Is the TP2 good for that? And something minor. Can I get ringtones still for it and asign different ones for calls and text. Any info from someone who has it would be appreciated. Any games also. The BB sucks for games. Ok thank you

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    I have the tilt 2 which is basically the same as the touch pro 2. You can still get your emails. The internet surfing is better than with my bb8830 was. The bb does a better job with emails but the tp2 is good enough. You can assign different ringtones on the tp2. You have a tab for your favorite contacts where you can also assign a picture. From that tab you can select a contact and then select to call, email or text. I really like this feature. It is actually one of the things I like most about the phone. I haven't tried any games yet. I'm not much on playing games on the phone. As to the internet, I should mention one of the best features, on the phone. You can set up some sites for push. You set the start time and frequency to have the phone download the most recent page of your favorite sites. That way you can check your site instantly. Saves alot of time if you only have a few minutes to check (like at work). I've only had the phone for a few days and am still learning it. If you have anymore questions I'll try to answer them. I'm no expert just somebody that uses the phone. I will say there are some things about the bb that I liked better but there is also some things with the htc that I like better. I don't use the phone for business so this is probably going to be better for my use. Although the bb was the best phone I've ever owned. I hope this one ends up taking that title.

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    Thanks for the honest review. The TP2 is also another phone I'm still eyeballing. I used to use Windows Mobile in the past but am looking to return to it.

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