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I tried BB Connect on an HTC 8525 for about an hour tonight (wife's phone ... HTC Androids forum

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    BlackBerry Connect on HTC 8525


    I tried BB Connect on an HTC 8525 for about an hour tonight (wife's phone - she hasnt seen the light of a BB yet). After being pretty underwhelmed with BB Connect, I reversed all changes necessary for BB Connect to work.

    Those changes were reversing an initial upgrade from ATTs PDA Bundle to their PDA Enterprise bundle (a price difference $15 - $30 for PDA Bundle, $45 for PDA Enterprise bundle). Also, uninstalling BB Connect didnt get rid of all traces, so I re-flashed the ROM (lost her contacts in the process - d'oh!).

    There were a few neat features, but there seemed to be quite a bit lacking in terms of wow factor for our needs.

    For example, since 'push' is hardwired into the blood of a BB, and a WinMo device has to accept new programming for it (requiring network survey all the time), the battery drain was out of this world. And, on the heels of that finding, you'd think that emails would then be near instantaneous as with BB devices -- and you'd be wrong if you thought that. Sending didnt require navigating to send/receive, but receiving took, on average, 5 minutes. If you knew an email was waiting to march into your inbox, you could select a Synchronize Now option, and the email would show its face.

    BB Connect seems to assign a virtual PIN number, and its used for routing emails and provisioning, I suppose. Its good for incoming PIN messages only though... can't reply, or initiate PIN messages (and, dont even think about BB Messenger). Annoyingly, BB Connect created a 'System' account in Messages to receive any and all PIN messages (email registration messages, BB server activation messages, and any PINs) which cannot be coupled with the primary email account on the phone. This coupling is something I highly favor on my BB and wish they would have changed for BB Connect on WinMo. The switching back and fourth between email and PIN alone could cause carpal tunnel syndrome.

    While I knew this next one was coming, it doesnt seem to serve a beneficial purpose to program a native feature as dysfunctional with BB Connect installation. What is that native feature you ask? Well, email. I guess the installation of BB Connect rearranges some behind-the-scenes crap with the email handling on the 8525, but what good does it serve to eliminate the ability to use the WinMo emailing services?

    Also, and I'm not sure why this one happens (again!), but when using data for non-BB Connect purposes, the BB Connect program goes into a suspend mode. That pretty well stops any messages from coming in until you cease whatever you are doing, and the phone realizes that (about 3-5 minutes in my case), and re-establishes its BB Connect service. 3G allows simultaneous data/voice, etc. connections, so I dont understand why this suspend mode is there... I was on WiFi too... and it still wouldn't run BB Connect while I was web browsing.

    A nice thing, though, was being able to use my service providers BIS login page to configure email for the phone. Thats about it.

    I guess this BB Connect program is good for companies who dont want to use BBs (cant think of a good reason for that), but have BES up and running. For the BIS user, I think its more of an "oh crap, I have another 14 months until I can get an upgrade to a BB and I want to be cooler than a WinMo user so I'll try this program so I can tell my friends I'm using BB email protocol."
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    Thank you for the review. That was very thorough and informative Sorry about the problems you had

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