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Hi, Here's a question. I spoke to two different IT people at Cingular and one ... HTC Androids forum

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    BB Connect - Cingular



    Here's a question. I spoke to two different IT people at Cingular and one of the told me I needed to PDA Connect to make BB Connect work, the other told me I needed BlackberrryConnect feature. Which one do I need?


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    Re: BB Connect - Cingular

    I think what they are trying to say is, you need the PDA Connect data plan on you phone for internet. Then you phone have to be able to run the BB Connect software, or posess this feature built in.

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    Re: BB Connect - Cingular

    Here's what it takes. Your device definately needs to run blackberry connect on it, and you need to have blackberry connect as your data plan. The only devices cingular will SUPPORT for blackberry connect are the Nokia 9300, Nokia E62, Treo 650 and Treo 680. The treo's are bes only, while the nokia's can do bes and bis.

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    Re: BB Connect - Cingular

    I actually run the new BBC 4.0 on my 8525 with WM6. Completely unsupported by Cingy, 100% supported by so you probably won't need them unless you are a novice on PPC. BBC 4.0 is a fanstastic piece of work. It suppors syncing with the Contacts and Notes and Enterprise Activation. You will need one of the two Blackberry Data plans. One is $39 a month for BIS and the other is $45 for the BES. You don't need the PDA data plan. You can't have both. You don't need both. The Blackberry data plan will give you access to everything you need including the MediaNet and other Cingy audio and video goodies.

    When adding the blackberry plan to your account, tell them you are using a blackberry device. If they ask for the ESN, just tell them that you can't read it. That the battery has rubbed it off the label. It won't matter. I swap my SIM from device to device with no problem. If you really want this to work on an HTC 8525 then do the reading at the forum. If anyone has any questions about making it work, please don't ask me. All the info is there and far more comprhensive than I can be.

    I can honestly say that it worls VERY well. Enjoy.
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