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Per my friend Marianne on MySpace, with her consent: From: ღஐღ Marianne ღஐღ Date: Oct ... HTC Androids forum

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    HTC 6800 Mogul Review


    Per my friend Marianne on MySpace, with her consent:
    From: ღஐღ Marianne ღஐღ
    Date: Oct 29, 2008 4:44 PM

    I got the htc 6800.

    I love it! I love how it sends me my emails, and I really love the wi-fi and the internet explorer. The slide out keyboard makes texting a breeze. I have a case that clips to my visor, otherwise I'm looking for a clip to carry it with me. I can use the hip case, but I don't like it. It has voice speed dial, so that's nice when I'm driving. It also has Microsoft office, which is very convenient since I do some work from home, and now can as well when I travel and not have to worry about using a laptop. It has blue tooth and no dropped calls. I like the 2gb memory card-I use that instead of the phone's memory to store my pics and videos. It has windows media player and I can watch movies on it, as well as a gps which is supposed to work with mapquest but I've not tried that yet (I have a Garmin GPS and Onstar turn by turn directions).

    The only downside is that I don't like the volume on the speaker on speaker phone-it could be louder. It's adequate, and that's about it. I also can't get picture messaging anymore-if I want to send or receive a picture message, it has to be done via email messaging.
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    As a owner of a HTC-6800 (Sprint Mogul) I have been totally let down by this phone. I've owned Windows Mobile PDA's for years, had a Motorola Q before this phone, and then the Mogul. I guess I'll start with the promise for GPS and EVDO Rev.A by June of last year, well come late October/early November (don't recall at this point) we got a patch to fix a few of the MANY bugs this phone experienced. When we finally got the Rev.A and GPS, I'd had it on my phone for months thanks to other people out there modding the software to give us the functionality that was promised to us months earlier. The lack of system resources is another issue. The 64 megs of RAM is not enough to allow this phone to work properly. I don't blame Sprint for everything as HTC built the phone. My friend owned a 6700 and it was a pretty good phone in it's day. For a flagship phone, this was a big flop. At least HTC learned something from it and built the Touch Pro/Diamond. I've decided until Windows Mobile has a HUGE overhaul (and I'm not sure WinMo 7 will do what it needs to do) I'll be sticking with the Blackberries and keeping the 6800 as a tethered internet connection.

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    I currently use the Mogul. To be honest WM OS is a memory hog. The phone does need to be tweaked a little and a few programs do need to be added but the phone/OS is GREAT. The phone can do pretty much anything you want.

    -Sprint Officially released the WM Picture Mail App. you have to go to the browser (Internet Explorer) on the phone. Go to "Shop for Games & Apps"... then click Demo/Free.. The app should be listed for download directly to the phone.

    -I use the built in GPS with Garmin XT and it works PERFECTLY.

    -You can customize the OS ROM using PPC Kitchen
    2 Programs that are must haves: (Both FREE)
    -Smartskey Program (makes right softkey a close button so programs close and not run in the background) *Also customizable
    -Microsoft Live Email (Free) (PUSH HTML Hotmail Email)
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