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Wednesday stood to be a tiring day, especially after the late night partying at the ... WES Coverage forum

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    Thumbs up WES 2008: PinStack Highlights - Wednesday, May 14th


    Wednesday stood to be a tiring day, especially after the late night partying at the RIM party. Still, we managed to get some GREAT video demos, had ANOTHER awesome WES 2008 contest/giveaway and managed to get ONE on ONE with THE Jim Balsillie.

    Wicksoft Mobile Document Access Solutions
    The latest version of WICKSoft Mobile Documents now supports Microsoft Windows & Novell file systems, Exchange Public and delegate folders, Novell Teaming + Conferencing, as well as many document management systems (EDMS) including MS SharePoint 2003 / 2007. Now you can instantly access documents stored in SharePoint and other EDM systems directly from your BlackBerry.

    RIM details features in coming BES 5.0
    The upcoming release of BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5.0, codenamed Argon, is a critical piece in RIM's effort to make its software and smartphones a foundation for next-generation mobile applications. For that to happen, enterprise BlackBerry administrators need to move visibility into the BES.

    Keynote: Jim Balsillie, adds a bit of humor

    Exgis Expense solution for BlackBerry
    Mark Wilson, gave us a quick hands on of Exgis Expense. Exgis Expense is a web-based tool that provides you with a simple, fast, reliable, secure, and affordable method to enter your expenses via BlackBerry or PC. With no software to install you can start tracking your expenses immediately. The BlackBerry edition of Exgis allow you to log your expenses anytime, anywhere and allows you the ability to truly track, share, and report on your expense information easily and simply. Try it free for 2 weeks.

    Unify4Life BlackBerry A/V Remote
    Unify4Life transforms the BlackBerry smartphone into the ultimate universal remote control by providing a versatile solution that fully manages your home entertainment environment including home theatres, radio receivers and televisions. Along with streaming audio on the BlackBerry smartphone into amplifiers, Unify4Life features an integrated television program guide where you can browse, set show reminders, search, and create a favorites list.

    Jim Balsillie at WES
    Guess who JRockett (Jon) and N8DBB (Nate) ran into in the hall at the convention center? Yep ... Jim Balsillie himself! And we have pictures to prove it!

    The BIG contest/giveaway on Wednesday .. THREE Unify4Life units! Click below for the contest thread and a product demo video from the Unify4Life team!

    Giveaway - Win Unify4life's A/V Hub for BlackBerry!

    And ... I hear the ATT VIP party at the House of Blues WAS beyond words. Hootie and the Blowfish rocked the HOUSE and rumor has it that everyone walked away with a brand new ATT Pearl 8110 & SIX months of service!! Nice ONE ATT!! Be sure and check out the WES 2008 picture gallery for pics of HOOTIE!
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    How fun! I can't wait to hear the winners!

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    Quote Originally Posted by monilovesedmond View Post
    How fun! I can't wait to hear the winners!
    it's always greener with the other carrier...

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    this is awesome stuff, yeah can't wait for the winners, and so many new things going on
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    ~via BB ( just glad to hear the AT&T party was good. While we held down the fort and delt with the lovely consumers.Instead of hootie and the blowfish they should of deployed 3g in another state (probly cost the same)

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    Thanks Cherri. I wish I could enter the contest! All three will go to Stackers. Hopefully I will get one soon also...

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