SHAPE's mission is the mobilization of all important processes and demands, from communication and entertainment to business processes and productivity. SHAPE's software personalizes the mobile devices, it helps users in their everyday life giving them independence and innovative feel of mobility. SHAPE is open to wishes and suggestions for broadening the portfolio of products and making existing products even more convenient and helpful. Let's shape the mobile future together!

  • GPSed, a location-based service for trip tracking from Blackberry. In real time, tracks are transferred to Google maps and stored in an online archive. The service allows users to attach photos to the track on a map where they were taken.
  • Mobiscope, a complete surveillance system which allows Blackberry users to monitor home or office activities in real time. Mobiscope can monitor the area for motion and transfer video in real time to a Blackberry.
  • VR+, a Voice Recorder that allows to record a voice file from a Blackberry, listen and email it in MP3 format for playing back at anytime or convert the voice files to text. Users of VR+ may interact by uploading their recorded voice files to VR+ Online Service, FaceBook, MySpace, Twitter and other social networks.
  • xPlayer, free multimedia player for all major audio and video formats that allows to listen to the favorite song and view the full screen video on the go.

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