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WES 2008 may have come to an end, but for the nearly 5400 individuals from ... WES Coverage forum

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    WES 2008 - Highlights from our Coverage


    WES 2008 may have come to an end, but for the nearly 5400 individuals from more than 90 countries who attended this year, it’s really just the beginning.

    Highlights From Our Coverage:
    - Thursday, May 15th
    - Wednesday, May 14th
    - Tuesday, May 13th
    - Monday, May 12th
    - Sunday, May 11th

    It’s because of wireless visionaries, leaders and enthusiasts like yourself that WES is growing bigger and better every year.

    Also see:
    Blackberry Bold officially announced

    Here are our top five (5) picks at this years WES 2008:
    1. Unify4Life BlackBerry A/V Remote
    2. Vlingo's news Voice Powered Blackberry apps
    3. Dataviz - Documents-To-Go to be finally unveiled! - booth #236
    4. SpotJots Featured At Coolest Apps Session - Free Download
    5. WebMessenger Mobile for Microsoft OCS

    Don't forget to mark the dates for next year's conference in your calendar: May 5-7, 2009 at the Orlando World Center Marriott and Convention Center. If you thought this year's WES was exciting, wait until you see what RIM's got in store for 2009! - Sign up to receive updates on WES 2009

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    I'm still recovering from WES 2008! I'll be itching for 2009 at the end of summer though.
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    Me too, getting the house sounds like a neat idea... although you could use your special "black card" and host a party or two
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    Ever since I got my first BB in April, I read pinstack and lots of other sources in viigo daily. I see tons of stuff about WES. But even after scouring the WES2008 AND 2009 websites, I cannot find what WES stands for.

    I assume the "W" is for Wireless, but what about the rest? Is this conference put on by RIM? Somebody please tell me a little about it.


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