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    What do some of these web browser settings do?


    Content mode: WML or HTML - I figure it has to do with the webpage format. Some web pages don't load if I set to wml only.

    Emulation mode: is this for webpages that care what browser your using to adjust the format?

    My biggest question though is style sheet supports and the sheet options. I had this set on, but recently turned it off and I find a lot of webpages load faster and wrap the screen better. Anyone know specifically when style sheets would be better or not when browsing?

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    Re: What do some of these web browser settings do?

    Wml is Wireless Markup Language. Think of it as HTML for mobile devices. If a webpage is tailored for mobile, it will display better on the bb, as opposed to a site tailored for a PC. If you set to WML only, you'll only be able to view sites that are "viewable" from a mobile device.

    Emulation: try this - visit the same site in Netscape and IE. It will look a little different. That's about all that setting does. As far as websites that care what browser you're using, it will still detect you as using Blackberry browser. The emulation just changes the look, not the brower's signature.

    Style sheet is something a lot of sites have built in to format the look of a page. If you have it set to Screen, it will render more or less just like from a PC. If you set to Handheld, the page will render the way it was authored to do so on a mobile device. If the page author didn't add style sheets for handheld, it doesn't do anything. Yes, it takes longer to load a site and process the style sheet, but it does look better on some sites. I personally leave them off and don't notice too much usability issues.

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