I was messing around with my wife's BB Pearl 8100 and I managed to get Opera 4.0 and EQO chat program to work and access the Internet via GPRS. I do not have a BB Plan, and in fact the cellphone network that I am on (Digi Malaysia) does not even have BB service. All I did was to key in the APN settings for Digi Malaysia under the TCP option.

I tried doing the same on her old BB 7100v but it doesn't work. I moved the same Digi Malaysia SIM card to the BB 7100v, loaded the same software (but obviously for BB 7100) and keyed in exactly same settings for everything under Advanced Options (including the TCP seetings) but it just wouldn't work.

Can someone shed some light on this? Is the BB 7100v doomed without a BB plan (unlike the BB Pearl?).

The BB Pearl runs on OS, whereas the BB 7100v runs on

I remember upgrading the BB 7100v OS a few months back. Would I have been better off with the older OS?