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Hi folks, My first post here - a 59 year old BB newbie - bought ... RIM Blackberry 71xx forum

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    SMS PC monitoring/servicing


    Hi folks,

    My first post here - a 59 year old BB newbie - bought more by accident than design it having been recommended by a colleague in the UK - an unlocked 7100V is my model found at a knock down price on Ebay UK.

    I have always been a Nokia man - my models were mainly 6310i. The Nokia sektop software it seems to me is far more versatile than the BB equivalent.

    What I am especially looking for is the ability to display SMS texts on the PC and to reply - using the BB's GSM facility to then transmit them. Is there software avaiable for this - or am I just missing something?


    PS another gripe - in the address book you can save more than one email address, but not more than one mobile # - I have 5 numbers. And whoever uses a pager? - that technology came and went years ago

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    Re: SMS PC monitoring/servicing

    welcome aboard! if it exist has it

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