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I just got BB 7105t on e-bay, no software, no user manual. I have no ... RIM Blackberry 71xx forum

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    Question SIM contact gone?


    I just got BB 7105t on e-bay, no software, no user manual. I have no data plan and am planning to use my BB as a phone and txt msgs, for now. I don't see any of my contact that were stored in my SIM. Is this normal?
    Also, do I need to have Device Manager to download ringtones and themes?

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    Re: SIM contact gone?

    Hey Yogi!

    Glad to have you here. For your first question, if you are not seeing them loaded on your device then it's apparent that the sim is different sim then the actually phone it's self. In other words, that sim is not being recognized by the device for the loading sequence of the contacts and is not compatible to load them.

    see: hxxp:// << - remove the x's and place with the t's for the complete URL

    For your second question, see to get your Desktop Manager so you can load songs and themes to your device. If you have anymore questions, let us know my friend
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