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Hello all. I got my first BB (7100i) today, and subsequently discovered this website today. ... RIM Blackberry 71xx forum

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    Several 7100i Questions


    Hello all. I got my first BB (7100i) today, and subsequently discovered this website today. My first 3 questions are as follows:

    1) Can I / How do I set individual ring tones for different phone callers (SOLVED!)

    2) How can I change my email notification options (ie vibrate only when I recieve email, or change to a notification sound when I recieve an email).

    3) I took my old nextel phone with the new 7100i to the Nextel store to transfer all my old contacts. When they did transfer my old phone contacts it got rid of all my Outlook contacts. Is there a way to have both? Also, the names that were transferred are truncated on my new BB, just like they appeared on the old nextel phone, except now I have more screen room, but the last names are cut off. Can this be changed?

    I guess thats 4 or 5 questions, but any help is much appreciated!

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    Re: Several 7100i Questions

    Answer for #2 is to edit the Profiles listed on the BB

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    Re: Several 7100i Questions

    you can always sync your phone to your outlook contact list, and then edit them there. That way is the least amount of headache, and it will take a few minutes, but youll only have to do it once. after that you should never experience that problem again. Just insert the new contact in either your phone or on outlook and when you sync, youre done.

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    Re: Several 7100i Questions

    about #3 if you copy the directory from the sim card to the BB directory, the last names o larges names are always cut off, so the only method to fix it is editing, then you have 2 methods: in the BB or in outlook.

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