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Hey everyone, I have a 7100g crackberry, and love it by the way. But I'm ... RIM Blackberry 71xx forum

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    Secure Browers


    Hey everyone,
    I have a 7100g crackberry, and love it by the way. But I'm having some problems. Main problem is that I can access most websites, but the one I need most is my bank's I would like to be able to log in and check my account balance, etc. from the handset, but it also tells me that it is an unsupported brower. Any suggestions?

    Next, I'm trying to get some new ringtones for the same handset, but can't figure it out. I know it only supports .midi files, and I have downloaded several onto my computer, tried transfering them through the desktop software (4.1), also tried from the unit itself (4.1 sofware as well). Any suggestions for this?

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    Re: Secure Browers

    Hello, About the browser and secure sites. When in the Browser, Open the menu and select Options, then Browser Configuration and set Emulation Mode to Microsoft IE. You may have to have some of the other options Checked, but I'm not sure.

    As to the ringtones, They have to be loaded by using your BBs Internet Browser to go to the tone site and click on the link to the midi file. Once it downloads a player will open and you can scroll to the third button and click that to start the save process.

    Hope this helps
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    Re: Secure Browers

    As Rcbjr stated you can try to change emulaton mode or you can also try a different browser like opera mini....

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    Re: Secure Browers

    ~via BB (

    Which OS (and therefore browser) do you have?

    I found that with 3.8 and 4.0 I was unable to log into my banking online, but with 4.1, it was possible.

    Plus, with my previous 7100 it was so slow, I didn't really ever use it. Even if you could log in, it will likely be very slow.

    Only since getting the 7130g with EDGE have I found it usefull to use my BB to do banking.

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    Re: Secure Browers

    If you're running 4.1, then go to Options/Security/TLS and select under general/protocol TLS/SSL. Your bank like most banks require an SSL connection. Hopefully this will solve your problem. I can successfully connect this way to Citibank and Bank of America.

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