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i have a 7100g i was downloading a couple of themes fromthis site last night ... RIM Blackberry 71xx forum

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    reset 7100g


    i have a 7100g i was downloading a couple of themes fromthis site last night
    when my bb rebooted all i had on the screen was a jumble of small icon outlines i can not do any thing from the screen
    please advice and help

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    Re: reset 7100g

    you can always restore to a recent backup. Do you know what theme. Was there an error message? Did DM remove the theme you had running?
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    Re: reset 7100g

    I have done this myself, and I have spoken to countless others who have as well. I happens when you delete or uninstall the default themes. You have to reload them or restore a backup or just reload the OS alltogether. Hope that helps.
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    Re: reset 7100g

    I had to backup, wipe and restore my 7105t a few days ago due to that exact issue.

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