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I've had my 7130e with Verizon for about 18 months now. The past few months ... RIM Blackberry 71xx forum

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    Question PIM data mysteriously disappearing on 7130e


    I've had my 7130e with Verizon for about 18 months now. The past few months I've noticed that PIM data keeps disappearing from my phone. Only my Address Book contacts are affected, the ones that I've added directly to the Address Book on my device. (I haven't had any problems with the contacts that I add through my firm's email application.) It has only occurred recently, and it does not affect all of my PIM contacts, just a portion. I've had to re-enter several people 4 or 5 times now in the last 2+ months, while others have remained unblemished. I back up periodically, so I could theoretically retrieve the info, but I'm afraid installing a backup file and losing info I've accumulated since the backup. I already screwed up the device once before and had to have my firm's tech group rewave it from scratch, so I'm trying to avoid doing that again. Anyone ever experience this before an a BB?

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    Re: PIM data mysteriously disappearing on 7130e

    First, you're right about restoring from the backup. A restore wipes what's currently there, then restores what's in the backup.

    Second, the BlackBerry doesn't like entries that have neither a last name nor a company name (like an entry with the first name Joe and just a phone number or email address), so avoid that.

    Third, assuming you're using Exchange/Outlook, view your Outlook Contacts as a Phone List (add a column for Size) and scan through them. Make sure you don't have non contact items there, and no large attachments (larger than a meg). Both of these can cause issues with the Address Book's sync.

    Fourth, again assuming Exchange/Outlook, check this post:
    Calendar Conflicts can have strange effects on the other PIM sync operations.

    Finally, for a short time we were having a problem whereby we'd try to do an Over The Air Enterprise Activation, and all we'd get was the Calendar. All the deleting and moving of accounts (BES and Exchange) did nothing to resolve the problem. It ended up being a problem on the BES itself - I think something about a service getting hosed, but since I'm not a BES admin (I'm one of the techs that actually understands how these things work), I'm not privy to the details! You'll have to exhaust all other possibilities before approaching this as the problem (it is unlikely), but be very diplomatic about it!

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