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I have an out of dispatch coverage issue with only the BB 7100i model, tried ... RIM Blackberry 71xx forum

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    Question out of dispatch coverage issue BB 7100i,


    I have an out of dispatch coverage issue with only the BB 7100i model, tried several units here in the US border to Mexicali BAJA Mexico.

    I cross the border everyday from Calexico, Ca. to Mexicali, Mexico, Boost have coverage and all of my Iden Radios work fine, I got some BB 7100i programed the service books, all the works, etc.. The 7100i losses the PTT option while in Mexico very often and does not get back until I cross the border to the US California , since I loose the PTT option I tried using just the PTT chirp button only, then a message appears saying "out of the dispatch area, try again later" tried the PTT option with a BB 8350i and i710 at the same time with no problem what so ever, so I tried everything to make the BB 7100i work as it should with no luck, can anyone tell me why is this, or help me fix this issue?

    Any Help Will Be greatly appreciated.......

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    I believe that your problem is that the 7100 has weaker reception, probably because it is an older model handheld. If memory serves, the 71xx models were not famous for their reception even when they were new in late 2004.

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