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new to BB.... this is a great site... but i can still be an airhead.... ... RIM Blackberry 71xx forum

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    OS upgrade problems....


    new to BB.... this is a great site... but i can still be an airhead.... I really need help on upgrading to OS 4.1 at least. I have a 7100g with ATT/cingular, i didnt have the software that the phone came with, but i downloaded it to my laptop... (the OS 4.0).... then i realized that i needed to upgrade to 4.1.... i did, but after i downloaded the 4.1.... nothing changed on my phone after i connected it to the USB. I am supposed to see the change in the "about" section right? Well it still says 4.0.... therefore, i cant do ANYTHING... Please help?!?!???

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    Re: OS upgrade problems....

    Welcome to Pinstack Tracy

    Do this for me, re-download the 4.1 to your desktop, load it to your BB and let it install. Hard reset your BB by pulling the battery. Let it sit with the hour glass updating the backend of the phone (such as applications that makes the BB run) and then check the Options > About and see what version it says.

    Let us know how it goes for you.
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