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Any word on when they plan on releasing the new OS upgrade. I really would ... RIM Blackberry 71xx forum

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    OS Upgrade


    Any word on when they plan on releasing the new OS upgrade. I really would like to use all of the features, I.e. Mp3 Ringtones, video, etc.

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    Re: OS Upgrade

    I've heard for TMo, not until the beginning of the year. Dunno about the rest of the carriers.
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    Re: OS Upgrade

    BigDog, I don't think your going to get any more capabilities for the 7100. It's more of a hardware limitation than just an OS upgrade. Don't get your hopes up too much. Given the memory in your 7100, there may not even be an OS 4.2 for this device.

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    Re: OS Upgrade

    ~via BB ( loved my 7105t from Tmobile. You can download .adp ringtones (google it) but you can't delete them and if you download to many it slows down your blackberry so be careful (adp is just like mp3). I never thought if switch blackberrys untill the pearl came out and I broke the 7405t and had to get a new phone, they had no more 7100 series only 8700 and 8100 so going for the same small look of the 7100 I'm a pearl owner. So enjoy your 7100 for what its got, I highly doubt with all the new berrys they will update the 7 series. Eventually if you want video you'll have to move up a level.

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