I recently got given a 7130v as a second hand phone from a friend. It's in very good condition. It was Vodaphone, but has been unlocked and I am using an Orange SIM currently.

When I first received the phone, I couldn't get anything internet related to work, there was a message at the top saying something along the lines of 'data connection failed', I can't quite remember, but the message was always present.

I accepted that I'd simply have to use it as a normal phone, but recently it spontaneously turned itself off and came up with the error "OS Extended Verify failed" with the option to reset. Upon reset the same error comes up, so I can literally do nothing. I think one or twice the handset tried to load up, but then fell into a JVM error (sadly I didn't note the number and it hasn't appeared since then).

I tried plugging it into my PC and using a technique described elsewhere using JL_Cmder to wipe the phone, however when I enter 'blackberry' to actually wipe it, the next screen flickers and then I'm taken back to the main menu. I assume that this is because my computer can't see the blackberry device. It realises there is a device, but Desktop Manager says it is disconnected.

If anyone can help me with this, I'd be very grateful. It's really frustrating not having any access to my phone.