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Hello everyone, I purchased a Blackberry 7130E a few days ago under contract with Orange ... RIM Blackberry 71xx forum

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    New 7130E user with a few questions


    Hello everyone,
    I purchased a Blackberry 7130E a few days ago under contract with Orange and have a few questions that I need help with. Okay, here we go:

    1) I have purchased the £7.05 'Blackberry Internet talk' package along with the £25 a month to Orange as part of the contract with them. This includes a 6MB data allowance - can someone detail roughly how much this is (in terms of surfing time, emails etc). I am working under the assumption that everytime you surf on Orange World or receive/send e-mails, the data allowance decreases.

    2) My Blackberry appears to be working fine with full functionality and has sent me messages saying it is 'registered with the wireless network' and 'your blackberry internet service account is now active'. Despite this, an icon called 'Enterprise activation' which had disappeared for a while now graces the start menu. What the hell is this?

    3) Finally, a more general question for all phone users, particularly those under contract with Orange. This is the first time I have gone onto contract. I phoned up Orange on 150 to check my remaining minutes and texts. My minutes seem to be about 35-40 lower than they should be and my texts about 100 less than they should be. I purchased the phone on the 18th, does this have anything to do with it? The dolphin package for which I am registered includes 100 minutes talk time and 300 texts. Does that run from the 1st of every month or every month after purchase??

    *Takes deep breath* Thanks for your time and I appreciate your solutions to put my mind at ease.

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    Re: New 7130E user with a few questions

    I just answered this in your other post.

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