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I am really stuck here. I just got a new PC yesterday and reinstalled the ... RIM Blackberry 71xx forum

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    I am really stuck here.

    I just got a new PC yesterday and reinstalled the DM software and the handheld software from my provider, TMobile. I have been able to receive phone calls, have had my service books sent a few times, have registered with the network (HRT) but I am still unable to connect to the internet.
    The internet option is not available from my icon list, if that information helps to better understand the problem.

    I am really seeking some help.

    GPRS is captalized, so that is atleast a good thing.

    One last point that may be mentionworthy is the fact that my phone was bought off someone on craigslist and is not the TMobile 7100t but the TelCel 7100g. I did the upgrade of the software in the past and was able to do all things and now after doing a another upgrade today, I lost all internet connectivity.

    Thank you in advance.

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    Re: Need some help please

    ~via BB (

    So you registered the handheld and sent service books from your bis account? That is how you will receive your browser icon. Do you have the browser icon? If so do you get an error when trying to connect? I know I have to reset my tcp settings when I upgrade. Have you tried that as well?

    Here is link for tcp settings.

    Let us know if any of the suggestions I have helps.

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