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Hi there, i got the desire to share all my experiance and thoughts with you ... RIM Blackberry 71xx forum

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    Hi there,

    i got the desire to share all my experiance and thoughts with you about useing the 7100v and the software that i found for it!

    Here is something usefull that i figure it out this evening that bugged me really, that is HOW TO MASS ERASE SMS from your berry. Go to Messages/ go to the date, click wheel, and select Delete Prior.

    I have been using my berry 2 months so far and i think i got attached to it I was apart from it couple of days and i saw the benefit that i have been used to... extra ordinary software that is.

    I searched for all the free and shareware/trial software that i could find on the net to make the most out of my berry . After trying the most usefull i separate this ones:

    - Mobipocket Reader (freeware) A MUST HAVE! Try the RSS feeds
    Awsome! It reads great: Office documents, PDF files, Text...

    - Ascendo Photos (shareware) fast and usefull program for viewing .JPG

    - eFile (freeware) good prog. It's adviseble to have it, although you'll use
    more often the Mobipocekt Reader rather this one.

    - OperaMini (freeware) heaven't use it,but from what i have read,it's OK.

    - PlazmicReader (freeware) a solid theme software.

    - I used T-Mobile OS on my 7100v and it works just great. It's better than Vodafones' OS! I used their version and T-Mobiles, and the letter has more bug fixes! File version: BlackBerry_7100t_7105t_4.1.0.309

    - Zedge Great Site for wallpapers! Just the right size for the 7100v. All cool and fancy new wallpaper. *Sorry, but i found know that i can't post URLs so you'll have to search for the site by your self.

    What i think of as a minus for the blackberry is, It has bluetooth but no File Transfer protocol !??? Why? Stupid.
    And, i heaven't been able to use the GPRS since i am on operator that doesn't offer Blackberry service! Stupid also I am from Macedonia hooked on Cosmofon wireless operator. But on 7th Sep. T-Mobile is entering our market and i hope that they will give me the opportunity of using GPRS.

    Well that's it. Hope it's usefull to someone out there!

    Chears, Tiberie

    p.s. Thanks - helped me so much.

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    Re: My experiance with 7100v so far...

    ~via BB ( Thank you for that. I agree with you in many ways.

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    Re: My experiance with 7100v so far...

    How do I access my application loader since it tells me that I cannot access it and I'm using 7100v

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