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Hi all, Just registered on Pinstack and had my first question. Just rec'd the 7100i ... RIM Blackberry 71xx forum

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    Question Just got my 7100i - now what?


    Hi all,
    Just registered on Pinstack and had my first question. Just rec'd the 7100i from my company and I'm still waiting for a swap to happen from my old Mike before it's active. Wanted to know what accessories you would recommend? I tried to find a desktop charger but wasn't able? What about holster? Is the standard good enough or would you recommend another style?

    Also, looking to configure my BB this wknd - what are the first steps you would recommend to prep my BB? Is there an updated OS I should download? Anything else I should do? Does my BB have to be active first i.e. swap has occurred or can I do a lot of things now?


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    ahuang, Welcome to PinStack.

    By desktop charger, do you mean a stand? Don't know of one for the 7100i, with the USB/charger connection on the side you would still have to have the cable connection. But you can buy additional chargers, so you don't have to carry one around. Or you can just connect it to the PC USB port and charge it that way.

    As to the stock holster, don't know which one comes with your BB, but I got a OEM leather holster for my 8700. You might want to look into that.

    As to the OS, it doesn't have to be activated to install the latest OS, probably be better if it isn't as your BB Admins might have a policy preventing the users from doing it.

    Hope this helps.

    Let us know if there is anything else we can do to help with your BB.

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    Thanks for your response, rcbjr. Yes, I was looking for a charger stand for my desk, but you are right - since the charger is on the side, basically any type of stand for PDAs should be fine.

    I'm trying to find information about a GPS service like Telenav that will work with TELUS Mobility - any suggestions?

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    The only other charger I have seen besides the one that comes with the phone is a desktop one for a battery only but like has been already been said here, seeing the USB plugs in on the side and works off any computer any stand should work. Body Glove gave a nice brushed metal one away thru Nextel a couple of years ago that I use. Also I have seen them available in the malls.

    As far as the case, it all depends on what you want. The stock case (at least the Nextel one) is not formal looking. Just about all the vendors here carry cases but make sure you get one for the 7100i. Other 7100 cases will not work because of the antenna.

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    I got a very nice desktop charger for my 7100i. It was through a link on this site. I'll try to track it down. It fits the 7100i upright and has a short USB cable to plug the phone in. I love mine.

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    Re: Just got my 7100i - now what?

    the basic for me as far as Accessories was to buy a car charger, one can never be without an additional charger which leaves you with less the worries. Second, get a nice case for the BB because there will be tendecies to drop it by mistake and the scars on that beautiful really hurt the heart. Last but not least, if u into tweaking the BB i suggest you go to a local bookstore and order "Blackberry Hacks"... very very helpful when you want to fine tune your BB your way.

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