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Hi everyone, I'm new on the stack and I was wondering if I could possibly ... RIM Blackberry 71xx forum

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    I have a headache already, please help!!!


    Hi everyone, I'm new on the stack and I was wondering if I could possibly get some help. I've downloaded this theme but when I go to one of the icons it gives me an error message that says JVM Error 523 and I have to reset my phone. What did I do wrong? Please Help!!!
    and thanks for taking the time, I'm a total dork to this.

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    Hi abrownbarbie this links may help let me know

    Error Codes
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    ~via BB (

    From what I recall, that java error occurs when a incompatible icon is used in a theme.

    I think the best thing to do is avoid the icon, or avoid that particular theme.

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    abrownbarbie, Welcome to PinStack.

    Let us know what theme it is that caused this problem. I agree with Lewis as to the solution.

    Let us know if there is anything else we can do to help with your BB.

    You Ask, We Will Answer
    Can’t Install theme via DM?No Additional Apps Found for Your Device
    Links to Usefull KB Articles

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    Hi barbie, welcome to pinstack. This happens alot with the 7100i, too many times that I decided to learn how to create my own themes. It definitely has to do with the transparency of the icons or the different images we put in place of the default icons. If you are interested in creating your own themes we can help you...

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    i got that error when i installed three themes not all at the samt time but when it happned i reset the phone and i found the theme that was causing the problem and i removed it via desktop manager. hope this helps you.

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